Learning Outcomes

The sociology graduate will be able to:

  • Understand and appreciate the discipline of sociology and its role in contributing to our understanding of social life
  • Understand the culture and social structure of society and function more efficiently within it
  • Understand the role of theory and research methods in the process of sociological inquiry
  • Understand and appreciate different cultures and subcultures
  • Know and appreciate the significance of social differentiation and inequality for individual life chances
  • Think analytically and critically
  • Communicate clearly, effectively and persuasively
  • Use the sociological perspective in their careers
  • Pursue graduate education in sociology, social work and related fields

Students in the sociology program will have a broad understanding of social issues, with foundation in methodology and theories, skilled to make positive changes for society. Sociology majors complete a Capstone Seminar as a part of their major requirements, in which they are taught practical skills for pursuing careers in sociology, and are strongly encouraged to complete an Independent Field Work credit when possible.

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