Major in Sociology with a Concentration in Human Services

This concentration is designed for sociology majors interested in careers in community organization and social services, and in preparation for graduate study in social work.

An individualized program provides conceptual and practical experiences in human services, preparing students for graduate work or direct entry into the human services field. Students seeking a specialized human services focus, such as gerontology, may consult with a sociology faculty member to design a directed program of study for that area.

The human services concentration is highly compatible with majors or minors in other disciplines, such as business, intercultural studies, nursing, psychology, political science, religious studies, speech pathology, or urban studies.

The recommended concentration courses are:

  • SOC 303 Introduction to Social Work
  • SOC 308 Social Services for Children and Adolescents
  • SOC 404 Social Work with Individuals and Families and/or SOC 406 Social Work within Groups and Communities
  • SOC 490 Independent Field Work (subject to site availability) or SOC 492 Independent Study

Students should consult with sociology faculty regarding recommended electives in sociology.

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