The Office of Registration and Records welcomes your questions and comments.

Here are answers to the questions we hear most often. For additional information, please contact us.

  • First, make sure you have met all your financial obligations with Student Financial Services.
  • Next, browse the 2020-2021 Elmhurst University Catalog to choose courses that interest you and help fulfill your course requirements.
  • Then, schedule a meeting with your adviser to discuss your choices.
    • If you’re a new student, see advising and registration for new students for instructions.
  • Finally, go to BlueNet and sign up for the courses you’ve chosen.

You will be assigned a specific registration day and time which allows you the ability to register for courses from that point up until the first week of the future term(s). Your registration assignment will be communicated to you via your Elmhurst University email and will be listed on BlueNet. Students are strictly prohibited from registering before their assigned periods, and from missing class in order to register.

First, you’ll need a consent form signed by the appropriate faculty member, the internship coordinator and your department chair. Registration for internships must be processed through the Office of Registration and Records.

Refer to the 2020-2021 Elmhurst University Catalog or contact the Office of Registration and Records for more information.

To register for independent study, complete the independent study application, ask the appropriate faculty members to sign it, and submit it to the Office of Registration and Records.

If you want to take a course that’s already full, you can contact the instructor of the class or the department chair to see if an exception can be made for you. If the instructor agrees to let you take the class, submit a signed permission to enter a closed course form in person to the Office of Registration and Records.

You can drop a class by going to BlueNet during the first 10 weeks of a semester. Students who do not properly withdraw from a class should expect an “F” grade for that class. Refunds and withdrawal authorization are based on the date the class is dropped on BlueNet or the completed Add/Drop form is received by the Office of Registration and Records.

Please contact the Office of Student Financial Services, located in Goebel Hall, to learn more about the changes associated with dropping a course and how the refunds are calculated.

You will need to submit the online application for graduation, available in BlueNet under ‘My Graduation Process.’ We encourage you to apply for graduation one year prior to your anticipated graduation date.

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