DePaul University College of Law Guaranteed Admissions Program

Elmhurst University students have the opportunity to participate in a competitive Guaranteed Admissions Program (GAP) that would grant up to three students a guaranteed admission spot upon application to DePaul law school. In addition to the guaranteed admissions spot, those accepted students would also be guaranteed to receive at least a 25% tuition scholarship.

Program Requirements

Undergraduate Curriculum:

Any undergraduate major is acceptable. Students are required to take the following before the completion of their junior year:

  • PHL 220 Logic
  • POL 340 Introduction to Law
  • At least 1 of the following 6 courses:
    • BUS 365 Business Law
    • CJ 411 Criminal Law and Procedure
    • PHL 315 Philosophy of Law
    • POL/ES 410 Environmental Law
    • POL 411 Constitutional Law – Civil Liberties
    • POL 412 Constitutional Law – Civil Rights

If there is not an opportunity to take POL 340 before the time of your application, you will need to complete two courses from requirement 3.

GPA & LSAT Requirements:

Students must have the equivalent of the median GPA from the prior entry class (traditionally this has been about a 3.6 GPA).  Student must attain at least the 25% LSAT score from the prior entry class (traditionally this has been about a 153) and have taken the LSAT by the February date of the calendar year that they will enter law school.

To be eligible to participate, students may not have earned more than 32 semester hours outside of Elmhurst University that were obtained after completion of their secondary education.

Approval to participate in the program can only be granted after meeting by appointment with the Pre-Law Advisor and going over all additional requirements.

DePaul has more information about tuition and rates and fees on their website.

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