Drone Academy 2k19

Spend your summer in the heart of America.

Elmhurst College and TinkRworks are very proud to offer a one-of-a-kind drone-building and coding class focused on autonomous flight for students interested in taking drone flying to the next level!

In this unique summer camp, you will build a hexacopter drone assembled from a core set of electronic components to enable flight, including motors, flight-controller boards, and wireless receivers. You will then manually pilot your newly-built aerial vessel using programmable remote controls.

Once manual piloting has been verified, you will enable your drone to fly autonomously by integrating a variety of different electronic sensors, a GPS unit, and communications modules to complete the build. Learn to use mission-planning software to program initiatives that you would like your drones to accomplish.

This will enable your drones to fly from point A to point B to emulate delivery drones used by companies like Amazon. Take your drone with you—it is yours to keep as well as the accompanying electronics.

Drone 2k19

Week of July 14–21

  • CLASS HOURS: Instruction commences at 9:00 a.m. sharp and ends at 4:30 p.m. each day
  • EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Evening activities may include shopping, visits to Chicago, movies, bonfires and more. Activities are arranged based on available dates and local scheduling.
  • PRICING: $1,950 USD. Price includes all components and electronic parts for the class, instruction, housing, meals and extracurricular activities. Travel not included.
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Additional Opportunity

STEM Academy

Week of July 21–31: Stay an additional 10 days for the Elmhurst STEM Academy. An integrated science and math program for students which mirrors a traditional college experience including classroom time, group work, and independent work. An additional $1,000 USD. Travel not included.

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