Drone Academy

The Drone Academy is on hiatus in 2019. Please check back next year.

Spend your summer in the heart of America.

Elmhurst College and TinkRworks are very proud to offer a one-of-a-kind drone-building and coding class focused on autonomous flight for students interested in taking drone flying to the next level!

In this unique summer camp, you will build a hexacopter drone assembled from a core set of electronic components to enable flight, including motors, flight-controller boards, and wireless receivers. You will then manually pilot your newly-built aerial vessel using programmable remote controls.

Once manual piloting has been verified, you will enable your drone to fly autonomously by integrating a variety of different electronic sensors, a GPS unit, and communications modules to complete the build. Learn to use mission-planning software to program initiatives that you would like your drones to accomplish.

This will enable your drones to fly from point A to point B to emulate delivery drones used by companies like Amazon. Take your drone with you—it is yours to keep as well as the accompanying electronics.

The Drone Academy program is on hiatus in 2019.

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