Interested in a Project Management Degree? You Need These 5 Skills


Project managers (PMs) have a number of responsibilities. This also means they need a well-rounded arsenal of skills and abilities to excel in the job. Here are five skills to focus on in order to be a successful project manager:

1. Communication

Project managers are only as effective as their communication skills. They lead teams and need to motivate, as well as delegate and monitor deadlines. Communication is crucial in each of those duties.

2. Organization

Projects usually come with sprawling plans, and it’s up to project managers to keep everything in order. Being organized is a highly prized skill in PMs, as it shows their ability to manage big tasks.

3. Accountability

The buck stops with the project manager. Holding themselves, employees and stakeholders accountable is a central duty of PMs, who need to set the example in the interests of guiding projects to success.

4. Critical thinking

Project managers encounter obstacles all the time. It’s the nature of the job; and this requires them to think critically. Being creative in devising solutions is a key trait of an effective PM.

5. Cost management

Controlling the costs of a project is often a challenge, as well as a central responsibility of project managers. PMs need to know how to balance and run budgets, as well as plan financially for the long term.

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Posted December 21, 2018

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