End of Semester Note

December 8, 2020 | by the Elmhurst University COVID-19 Task Force

The following message was sent by the COVID-19 Task Force to the campus community on Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2020:

Dear Elmhurst University Community:

Happy Holidays! The COVID-19 Task Force is grateful for the commitment everyone has shown in reducing the spread of COVID-19 on our campus. We united as Bluejays and your actions have allowed us to offer a range of course delivery methods and ensure a continuity of learning for our students. And we have been able to continue the residential experience for those who want to live on campus.

While our campus alert status remains at yellow, the prevalence of COVID-19 cases is surging across the country. It is more critical than ever that we remain diligent in our efforts to combat the spread of the virus. Your health and safety remain our number one priority.

With the Fall Term coming to an end next week, the COVID-19 Task Force would like to share important information for January Term (J-Term) and the Spring Term.

  • The majority of J-Term courses will be taught online. As such, we are asking students who live in the residence halls not to return to the halls until the start of the Spring Term. Only students with an in-person class will be allowed to return to the residence halls.
  • If you believe you have an extenuating circumstance to stay on campus, please contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life. Students must receive that office’s approval to be in the residence halls during J-Term.
  • Athletes that are in season will be allowed to return to the residence halls on January 2, 2021. Stay tuned for further information from the Office of Housing and Residence Life.
  • If winter sports are canceled as a result of the virus, coaches will notify their teams of when they may return to campus in preparation for the beginning of the Spring Term.
  • All residential students must have a negative COVID-19 test result within 72 hours of their return. Students will not be admitted to the residence halls without official written test results.
  • Upon our return from winter break, food and drink will no longer be permitted in Founders Lounge until further notice. The Bean will remain open; however, you must find another location to enjoy your food and/or drink.
  • Face masks will continue to be required in all University-owned and -operated facilities. Physical distancing will remain in place (six feet apart). Please wash your hands often and use hand sanitizer whenever you get a chance.

We know the last nine months have taken a toll on all of us. Many are struggling with mental health issues (depression, anxiety, loneliness, etc.). If you are a student facing these struggles, please make use of the Counseling Center on campus (630-617-3565), or contact Rev. Scott Matheney, the University Chaplain (630-617-3025), if you would like to speak to someone. For employees, the Employee Assistance Program may be of great assistance. Please contact Human Resources for further information.

Again, the COVID-19 Task Force would like to thank the faculty, staff, and students for everything you did to make the Fall Term happen. We made it to December when many of us thought we would not make it past the first two weeks! We truly are a dedicated community that has the best interest of others in our hearts.

While the holidays may not be the same this year, it is our sincere hope that all of us will find joy in the season and time to relax over the winter break.

Please be safe and healthy, and we look forward to seeing you in 2021! Continue to monitor your email and the COVID-19 Updates website for announcements regarding courses and campus life in the New Year.

We are all proud to be Bluejays!

Dr. Phil Riordan, Co-Chair
Dr. Dean Pribbenow, Co-Chair
The COVID-19 Task Force


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