March 7, 2022, Task Force Update

March 7, 2022 | by the Elmhurst University COVID-19 Task Force

Dear Elmhurst University Community:

Over the last two years, we have experienced a pandemic unlike anything in our lifetimes. During this time, our campus community has embraced the mitigation strategies we implemented for keeping us safe and healthy: vaccinations, mask-wearing, social distancing, washing our hands. We are so impressed by your commitment to keeping each other safe, and by the respect we have shown each other and will continue to show each other as the COVID-19 landscape continues to shift.

From the beginning, we have said our approaches will be informed by governmental and public health guidelines and measures supported by science. In that same spirit, we are announcing that our campus-wide indoor mask mandate will be lifted effective March 19, 2022. On-campus testing (rapid and PCR) will continue, as will contacting tracing.
While we are moving into this phase of the pandemic where we are comfortable lifting the mask mandate, we are emphasizing the following three points:

  1. Although masks will be optional beginning March 19, they will still be recommended. Our values of community and responsibility require that we treat each other with grace, respect and civility, whether or not someone chooses to wear a mask;
  2. It is incumbent upon all of us that we continue to monitor our symptoms daily and take precautions (stay home, get tested, wear a mask, etc.) if COVID-19 symptoms are present; and
  3. We will continue to monitor governmental and public health guidelines, along with current messages from the scientific community. If there is a shift in COVID-19 indicators that requires action, our campus community should remain prepared to re-implement mitigation strategies to reduce the potential for transmission.

We are Bluejay strong. On behalf of the entire Elmhurst University community, thank you for all you’ve done and all you’re doing to keep us safe and healthy.

— COVID-19 Task Force

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