Jaypass and Bluejay Bucks

Your Jaypass is a multi-function card that can be used for the following applications.


Official Elmhurst College identification

A. C. Buehler LibraryTyrrell Fitness Center, etc.


Bookstore purchases with available financial aid


One or more prepaid Bluejay Bucks Accounts

On-campus laundry and food


If you are a student or employee, you can pick up your Jaypass at the library during regular business hours. Please bring a valid driver’s license, state ID, military ID or passport with you to request your Jaypass.

If your Jaypass is lost or stolen, please contact the Office of Student Financial Services at sfs@elmhurst.edu or (630) 617-3015 so that it can be deactivated and balances for meal plans and Bluejay Bucks can be transferred to your new Jaypass.

For a lost or misplaced Jaypass, you can obtain a replacement Jaypass for $20 at the library during business hours.

You can add Bluejay Bucks to your Jaypass for food or laundry services in two ways:

  1. Download the GET app on your phone through the iTunes or Google Play store
  2. Access the GET portal
  • Bluejay Food Bucks will receive a 10% bonus when using the GET app or portal.
  • Bluejay Laundry Bucks are dollar for dollar.

Yes, by downloading the GET application to their phone or accessing the GET portal for guests, parents, guardians or other relatives can add Bluejay Bucks to your Jaypass. All they need is your nine-digit Jaypass number. This is designed to help students eliminate the need to carry cash on campus. There are no costs involved in adding to or using this account.

  1. Bluejay Food Bucks – For use at all on-campus dining services locations. For every Bluejay Buck added to your Jaypass for dining services, you get a 10% bonus.
  2. BlueJay Laundry Bucks – For residential students to use at on campus laundry facilities.

Read the full terms and conditions.

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