Here you will find community policies and procedures, historical grade reports, and the most up-to-date expectations and relationship statement for the sorority and fraternity community.

  • Membership Intake Procedures: The membership intake procedures document is intended to provide expectations and deadlines for organizations utilizing a membership intake process.
  • Sorority and Fraternity Life Handbook: This handbook establishes a relationship statement between sororities and fraternities and the institution, communicates minimum standards and outlines community processes. It also includes hazing policy compliance paperwork and our social event procedures.
  • Sorority and Fraternity Grade Reports: These reports showcase chapter academic performance and benchmark the sorority and fraternity community relative to the greater Elmhurst College student population. View the most recent report. (Historical reports: Spring 2018.)

Cheryl Leoni

Associate Dean of Students and Director of the Frick Center
Office of Student Involvement

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