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Health Insurance

Elmhurst University leaves the responsibility for insurance coverage up to the individual student, rather than having a requirement that students subscribe to an insurance policy provided by the university.

As an international student, you have several options from which to choose regarding your own healthcare.

  • If you are an exchange student arriving on a J1 visa, your program will provide the required insurance for you. Be sure to work with your program, i.e. ISEP, to procure coverage before your arrival in the United States.
  • If you are an exchange student arriving on an F-1 visa, you either can arrange for coverage in your own country or take advantage of the coverage Elmhurst University offers our international students through First Agency. If you opt for personal coverage through your government or family, you should be sure it offers ALL the coverage provided by this policy and that it is effective throughout your entire stay in the United States.
  • If you are a degree-seeking F-1 student, the options described in Item #2 above also are available for you. In addition, you might be able to subscribe to a policy offered through the U.S. government’s insurance marketplace website. The University is not in a position to provide advice regarding the government’s marketplace and how it applies to international students. If you don’t have sufficient health and accident insurance through a family policy, it is recommended that you enroll in the coverage offered through the University.

First Agency Insurance Details

2017-2018 Policy Rates
  • Annual Rate: $1,405
  • Fall-only Rate: $589
  • Spring/Summer Rate: $816

Students are billed directly through their Elmhurst University student accounts for this insurance plan.

The enrollment deadline for the First Agency plan is 15 days prior to the start of the enrollment period. All enrollment is processed through the Russell G. Weigand Center for Professional Excellence.

Not having health and accident coverage should not be an option. Keep the following in mind as you decide on your insurance:

  • Medical care is extremely expensive in the United States. International students without coverage are shocked when they receive a bill for even the most minimal treatment.
  • A limited visit to an emergency room at a U.S. hospital can incur thousands of dollars in charges.
  • If you are hospitalized and a family member needs to join you from your home country, the policy offered through the University includes coverage to offset some of the expenses associated with travel and lodging.

It’s important to have both health and accident coverage. Don’t be fooled by policies that only cover accidents. They are often much cheaper but do not cover everyday health care.

New Elmhurst University students are required to complete the immunization and medical history form prior to starting classes.

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