Calling All Voices

Calling All Voices is a podcast that explores the stories of our Elmhurst University community.

Who gets to tell the story of a college or university? We believe that we all hold a piece of the truth when it comes to telling our history, and this podcast expands the kaleidoscope of voices that have made Elmhurst University what it is today.

Our journey of “becoming” Elmhurst University has been a saga of true transformation; we seek to provide new and innovative ways to give space and voice to the narratives that have been underrepresented in telling the story. How do all members of our institutions experience our mission? What voices are shaping the purposes and directions of our institution?

To truly comprehend the nature of our transformation—from Elmhurst Proseminary to Elmhurst College to Elmhurst University—we must intentionally seek out and listen to the diverse voices of members of our institutional community and allow those voices to contribute to the reframing of our institutional saga.


Episode 1: Dr. Larry Carroll

The Ever-Widening Circle: The Campus and the Community

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Episode 2: Coming Soon!

The next episode of Calling All Voices is forthcoming and will include a discussion with Scott Matheny and Robert (Bob) Ullman.

About This Podcast

The Calling all Voices podcast project is supported, in part, by funding from the Council of Independent College’s Network for Vocation in Undergraduate Education and their Reframing the Institutional Saga grant program.