‘This is the Place to Be’

Faculty stalwart Alan Weiger ’72 has witnessed Elmhurst’s momentous changes.

Elmhurst University faculty member Alan Weiger, chair of the Department of Theatre and Dance.As a special way to mark our sesquicentennial celebration, we asked some of our students, faculty, staff and alumni to share their fondest Elmhurst memories, favorite campus stories and hopes for the future of the University. Read along as we roll out the entire series over the coming months.

In 1971, student Alan Weiger ’72 helped Elmhurst College celebrate its centennial. In 1996, Professor Weiger was on hand for the College’s 125th celebration (that’s a quasquicentennial, by the way). This year, Weiger takes part in Elmhurst University’s sesquicentennial as chair of the Department of Theatre and Dance.

Weiger’s professional evolution mirrors that of the University itself.

“Since I started here, there are two new residence halls, two new academic buildings, and the Buehler Library was built during my first couple of years at the college,” says Weiger, B.A. in general speech ’72.

Elmhurst University professor Alan Weiger, seen in his 1972 yearbook photo while he was an undergrad at Elmhurst.

1972 yearbook photo

What do you recall about the centennial celebration?

There was a reception where the president and his wife were there, and meeting the president as a student back in those days was a big thing. I may even still have a couple of tchotchkes in my desk that commemorate the centennial.

What do you remember about your first day at Elmhurst?

I showed up at Mill Theater before it was being used as a theater. They were doing rehearsals. I found literally from the minute I walked in the door that this is the place to be. I found it welcoming. I found it comfortable. I found the people to be great.

What’s a piece of trivia you’ve learned about Elmhurst?

The bell tower in Old Main used to be the place where students would sneak up and write their names—students from the teens and the 1920s. You can still see some of those names and inscriptions from way back when.

What has been your proudest moment as a professor?

I am the Faculty Marshal; it’s one of the things I enjoy doing. One of my proudest moments is being on stage with the graduates. This year, my youngest son is graduating. I’ll be able to hand his diploma to the president and be on stage to hug my son.

Elmhurst University faculty member Alan Weiger serves as the Faculty Marshal during the University's Commencement ceremonies.

Weiger serves as the University’s Faculty Marshal.

Posted June 17, 2021

Pieces of History

Elmhurst’s theatre at the Mill was born in 1967 after the University acquired the space from the Hammerschmidt Lumber Company.

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