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Located in a beautiful community minutes from Chicago, Elmhurst College is committed to helping you reach your full potential—in college and beyond.

Fresh Reads for the New School Year

This season, enjoy new stories featuring our students and faculty members. For the perfect Bluejay blend of reading material, mix in some of our blog’s helpful advice about higher ed and careers.

A public health degree opens the door to careers in research, medicine, teaching and policymaking.

What Can You Do with a Public Health Degree?

You could go on to teach, research, advocate—the career options are plentiful.

Sept. 25 | The Elmhurst College Blog

Will Lyles plays on the Elmhurst College men's basketball team and is studying Information Systems.

Shooting Star

Student-athlete and techie Will Lyles ’20 represents Elmhurst Bluejay spirit—on and off the court.

Oct. 2 | #studentsofelmhurst

Meet these three registered nursing requirements and you'll be a step closer to working in the field.

3 Registered Nursing Requirements to Become a Nurse

Take these steps along the path to a career in nursing.

Oct. 8 | The Elmhurst College Blog

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