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An illustration that shows a mostly empty parking lot for teachers. The so-called teacher shortage grabs headlines nationwide, but only by focusing on how teachers are supported in their careers will we address the problem.

Remedying the Teacher Shortage by Diagnosing Why a Shortage Exists

Prof. Deb Meyer examines the “why” of this urgent topic.

Feb. 18 | The Elmhurst College Blog

A portrait photograph of Siaw-Peng Wan, an Elmhurst College professor of business administration.

Meet Professor
Siaw-Peng Wan

He helps business students unlock the secrets of the Excel spreadsheet.

Feb. 6 | Faculty Stories

Put some thought into when to apply to grad school. Here's a suggested time line to help you make this most important of decisions the right way.

When to Apply for Grad School and Where to Start

Let our time line be your guide to this most important decision.

Feb. 4 | The Elmhurst College Blog

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