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From great internships to world-class culture, here are the top 10 reasons Elmhurst students love our location.


Urban Studies

Connie Mixon, director of Elmhurst’s Urban Studies program, talks about her new book and her passion for all things urban.

Urban studies at Elmhurst College is about understanding the cities and towns we live in—their people, their politics, their history and their culture. We believe that there is no better way to understand great cities than to experience them. So our students visit some of the world’s most dynamic cities, and meet with the people who keep them running. Only 16 miles from campus is downtown Chicago—our extended classroom. You’ll attend meetings and hearings, interview city officials and meet with legislators and mayors. You’ll see the theories and concepts you learn about in the classroom put into practice.

Elmhurst College was among the first colleges to develop a program in urban studies. Founded in 1969, Elmhurst’s urban studies program has always focused not just on large cities, but also on entire metropolitan areas, including suburbs. From the beginning, Elmhurst also provided students with opportunities to learn first-hand about some of the world’s greatest cities.

Elmhurst urban studies graduates have distinguished themselves in local government and planning, working as city planners, city managers, police chiefs, judges, environmental managers and public administrators. Many graduates go on to law school or pursue studies in urban planning, public administration and human services.

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