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Career advancer. Game-changer. Ready for the next move.

If these describe you, Elmhurst University is here to help you move forward.

With over 150 years of preparing students for prosperous careers and lives, we take pride in our rigorous, yet flexible graduate degree programs. Whether you’re in business, education, health care or tech, our relevant and innovative graduate programs equip you with the knowledge and hands-on experiences you need to advance your career or make a career change.

Graduate Programs

Learn to position organizations for success with a graduate degree in business. Study part-time or full-time, online or on campus, or get the best of both with our EU-Flex format.

Improve your leadership skills and bring fresh ideas to your classroom with a graduate degree or endorsement in education. Our programs accommodate the schedules of working teachers and emphasize leadership and collaboration.

Our graduate programs in health care are routinely ranked among the top schools in Illinois and the nation for excellence in preparing graduates for rewarding careers in nursing and health sciences. In Elmhurst University’s graduate programs, you’ll enhance your skills to better serve patients and populations.

Thrive in the rapidly growing field of technology with one of Elmhurst’s graduate degrees in data science or information systems.

If you’re not quite ready for a master’s degree, or already earned an advanced degree, but would still like advanced knowledge and skills, we offer many graduate certificates in technology and business. Our graduate certificate options can help you move into a new field, secure a promotion in your current field or earn credits toward a master’s degree:

Carrie Hewitt, interim dean for the School of Graduate Studies, invites you to learn more about what sets Elmhurst’s graduate programs apart.

Graduate Degree and Certificate Program Highlights

At Elmhurst, we believe your graduate education experience must be built around you at every stage—a difference you’ll notice from the moment you apply. Whether you enroll in a part-time online program or a full-time graduate degree on our beautiful campus, you’ll join a network of professionals and peers who will support you during your studies and throughout your career.

  • Dedicated program directors: Join a graduate program led by professionals and scholars whose top priority is mentoring you.
  • Flexible formats: Choose from on-campus, 100% online graduate degree formats, hybrid or EU-Flex options.
  • Top-tier faculty: Learn from a blend of academics and professionals to gain expertise in both concepts and practice.

Join a True Community of Learning

Carrie Hewitt, Elmhurst University for graduate programsWelcome to Elmhurst University’s School of Graduate Studies.

For almost 25 years, Elmhurst University has awarded graduate degrees and certificates. Currently, there are over 600 graduate students enrolled in over 20 graduate programs and certificates.

We welcome you to this community of learning. At Elmhurst, you’ll find the courses and hands-on experiences to enrich your intellectual curiosity and prepare you for that next step. Elmhurst’s graduate programs equip you with the skills that set you up for success in today’s world – not only the academic knowledge, but skills such as collaboration, time management, communication and critical thinking. These are the skills that set Elmhurst graduates apart.

You will also have the support of your faculty and program directors throughout your journey. You won’t be on this journey alone. We’ll celebrate your successes with you, and guide you as you work through challenges and grow stronger from them. The relationships that you form here, whether faculty, peers, alumni, or others, are ones that you will carry with you your entire life.

Here at Elmhurst, we believe in you, and we’ll be here to help you achieve your goals. I wish you all the success as you pursue your graduate education.

Carrie Hewitt ’96, M.A. ’06, Interim Dean, School of Graduate Studies

Graduate Programs for International Students

We’re proud to offer several graduate programs to international students that satisfy the requirements for F-1 visas or can be completed online from your home country. Browse graduate degrees for international students.

Why Earn a Graduate Degree or Certificate?

Whether you’re looking to make a new career move, earn a bump in salary or achieve your long-held goal of earning a higher degree in your field, enrolling in graduate school can be rewarding in many ways.

A graduate certificate, master’s degree or doctoral program brings with it a great sense of achievement—and a potentially higher salary. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that earnings increase as you attain higher levels of degrees. In other words, “education pays.”

Careers You Can Secure with a Graduate-Level Degree

Graduates of Elmhurst University hold positions in diverse businesses and organizations all around the country. Here are just a few of the places our alumni have worked:

  • Elmhurst Hospital
  • Major League Soccer
  • Monsanto Corporation
  • Loyola University Medical Center
  • Shirley Ryan Ability Lab
  • Synchrony Financial
  • United Airlines

Get ready to learn—and earn—more. Apply to Elmhurst today.


$3.2 million The median lifetime earnings of a full-time worker with a master’s degree ($400,000 more than the median bachelor’s degree holder), according to Forbes.

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