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Join a tight-knit community, meet new people and enjoy the convenience of campus living. Living on campus is a great way to get to know people and immerse yourself in college life.

10 Reasons to Live on Campus



Early morning classes are a lot less daunting when you don’t have to fight traffic to get here. If you roll out of bed at 7:50 a.m., you can still be on time for your 8:00 a.m. class!



Living on campus allows you to begin taking steps toward independence, but at a reasonable pace. Save money on gas, groceries and TV for a couple of years by taking advantage of a meal plan, wireless Xfinity service and more.


Built-in Community

Living in a residence hall is like having a giant semester-long sleepover. You’ll meet people from all over the world, have a support network of peers going through a similar experience, and make friendships that last a lifetime.



Students who live on campus are more satisfied with their college experience, earn higher grades and have easier access to all of Elmhurst’s activities—from athletic games to theatre performances, fraternity and sorority events to cultural clubs.


Study Areas

Late-night study sessions and group projects can extend beyond the A.C. Buehler Library or the Frick Center Founders Lounge when you have residence hall floor lounges to spend time in, too!


Access to Campus Resources

Living on campus gives you quick access to resources. Whether you need to seek out health services, IT support or student leadership opportunities, it is easy to get connected to the right staff and faculty in a short amount of time.


Job Opportunities

If you need to work while you are a student, there are many campus jobs that you can get to first thing in the morning or after a quick nap in your room between classes.


Downtown Elmhurst

When you’re ready to spend some time away from studying and getting involved, Elmhurst’s City Centre is just a few blocks away from campus. Stop in to a variety of coffee shops, restaurants, boutiques, salons and workout studios—many of which offer discounts to Elmhurst College students!



If you want to explore beyond the City of Elmhurst, Chicago is a 30-minute train ride from Elmhurst, and the train station is a few blocks from campus. Take in a show, explore the beaches, visit museums or go shopping on The Magnificent Mile—the city offers something for everyone.

… but most of all, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

You’re only in college once, so why not give living on campus a try?

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