The 10 Most-Viewed Blog Posts of 2019


An illustration shows a computer monitor with the headline "Top 10 Blog Posts of 2019."

There’s a new year on the horizon (and a new decade)—but, to quote “Frozen 2,” some things never change.

That was our big takeaway as we looked back at the 10 most-viewed Elmhurst University Blog posts of 2019. People still want to know about health care, technology and other rock-solid career fields. We saw these interests reflected throughout our top 10 list, which includes three posts that debuted in 2018. After all, the world will need educators, nurses and cybersecurity analysts (to name a few blog topics) for many more decades to come.

Enjoy the list, and stay with us in 2020 for more insights, more quality advice and more fun.

And Now, the 10 Most-Viewed Posts of 2019

An illustration of a doctor answering "How long does it take to become a nurse?" to a group of students in a medical setting.

10. How Long Does it Take to Become a Nurse?

The answer depends on your preferred path to the profession, but you have options, which you’ll find right here in this article.

Originally posted: March 11, 2019

Launch a competitive market analysis with these five easy steps and get some valuable insight into your business' competition.

9. Five Steps to Conducting a Competitive Market Analysis

Want to know how to accurately size up your business’ competitors? Take these five steps and you’ll be off and running!

Originally posted: December 6, 2018

Teaching Strategies blog illustration

8. Three Powerful Teaching Strategies for Connecting with Your Students

For all the teachers out there: Connect with your students by bringing the authenticity.

Originally posted: March 11, 2019

A world map is shown in this illustration for 5 tips for teaching AP Human Geography class.

7. Five Tips for Teaching AP Human Geography

Everyone loves a list! Navigate to these best practices for teaching the subject.

Originally posted: March 20, 2019

Set teaching goals that are REAL, and you'll set yourself up for success in the new school year.

6. Make Your Teaching Goals REAL This Year

Seize the moment and create lasting change! Be REAL with your goals and you’ll transform your habits in meaningful ways.

Originally posted: January 11, 2019

An occupational therapy instructor demonstrates on a patient in a classroom setting at Elmhurst University.

5. Occupational Therapist Education Requirements: What You Need to Know

The headline says it all. Find out how to get started as an OT.

Originally posted: February 21, 2019

An illustration of an undecided major thinking about which course of study to choose.

4. The Benefits of Being an Undecided Major

Entering college with an undecided major can have big benefits. Here’s how being “undeclared” may work to your advantage.

Originally posted: April 9, 2019

Looking for ways to get the most out of your grad school experience? We have four of them!

3. Four Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Graduate School Experience

Looking to put the “rad” in grad school? This should get you started.

Originally posted: July 27, 2018

Cyber Security Entry Level blog post illustration

2. What Can I Expect to Do in Cyber Security Entry-Level Jobs?

Learn more about what to expect from a career field that continues to be very hot.

Originally posted: January 28, 2019

An illustration showing the difference between computer information systems and information technology.

1. Computer Information Systems vs. Information Technology

Holding down the No. 1 spot, our most-viewed post compares two tantalizing tech fields. Understanding what makes each unique will help you decide which one to pursue.

Originally posted: December 20, 2018

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