Mission and Learning Outcomes

The mission of the Department of Geography and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is to provide majors, minors and non-majors/minors alike with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the Earth’s physical and human environments and the relationships between them.

By offering a wide variety of coursework, the department is able to address the varied applications and technological advancements in geography and GIS. Through experiencing the depth and breadth of coursework within the department, students will be prepared for a range of professional careers in the private and public sectors as well as graduate school. The specific goals of the department are as follows.

  1. To enable students to recognize and apply the fundamental themes, concepts and methodologies of geography while thinking critically, analytically, spatially and creatively about geospatial issues and problems
  2. To enable students to interpret and analyze the interrelationship between physical and human systems and environments
  3. To provide students with research and professional experience through original individual and collaborative research initiatives with faculty and fellow students as well as professional internships, mentoring and job shadowing opportunities in support of Elmhurst University’s mission regarding professional preparation
  4. To emphasize intellectual and professional integrity as a requisite of academic and professional endeavor while promoting ethical consciousness in the disciplines of geography and GIS

All students who major or minor in geography gain a broad-based understanding of the field through a variety of required and elective regional, topical and technical courses. Those majoring or minoring in GIS gain technical and analytical knowledge and skills through a set of required courses both in the department and from the Math and CSIS Departments.

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