Music Production Audition Request Form & Requirements

If auditioning with music composed or arranged on a Digital Audio Workstation, please follow the process outlined below. For Music Production majors auditioning on an instrument or voice, please refer to the in person audition process outlined on the Audition Process Page.

At Least 2 Weeks Prior to Your Audition

Submit the audition request form below along with Mp3 renderings of 2 original compositions or arrangements.

Composition/Arrangement Guidelines:

  • The original compositions or arrangements must be of contrasting styles and produced on a DAW workstation.
  • Each composition or arrangement should be between 2 and 3 minutes in length.
  • Compositions or arrangements must be produced using a combination of MIDI and live audio tracks.

On the Day of Your Audition

You will meet with the audition faculty to present your works and discuss them. A discussion of your background and career aspirations will also take place.

You must bring with you the full DAW production and stereo mp3 renderings of each production on a portable drive (flash).  In order to avoid compatibility issues, it is strongly suggested that you bring your production on your own laptop. If this is not possible, the DAW production should be submitted in advance to insure playability.  For further assistance with this, please contact

Audition Request Form

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