Is a Double Major Worth It?

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If you are a passionate and curious person with varied interests, a double major may be the right path for you.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • Do you see connections between subjects others don’t see?
  • Do you want to dive deeply into more than one subject area and graduate with a broad range of knowledge?
  • Do you want employers to recognize your work ethic and potential?

With a double major, you move beyond the limits of a traditional single major. You’ll explore, stretch your intellectual abilities, and prepare yourself for a career that reflects your curiosity.

What Is a Double Major?

Every institution is different, but typically, students pursuing a double major graduate with a single bachelor’s degree with majors in two subject areas.

Students choose complementary subjects in related fields such as data science and computer science. Or, they can choose subjects that may seem to be from unrelated fields, such as literature and business, that offer a unique interdisciplinary lens to their studies and career outlook.

As a double major, you are required to complete the full course load for each major. Some students earn a double major in the same amount of time as a single major takes while other program combinations may require additional time.

Benefits of Double Majoring

What is the benefit of choosing a double major? A double major opens your mind and opens doors.

By combining two fields of study, you expand your way of thinking and problem solving. This interdisciplinary study allows you to envision connections between ideas you may never have seen before. You become aware of how concepts relate to one another and build on one another, allowing you to create forward-thinking solutions.

As you study across two subjects, you gain extensive knowledge, as well as valuable skills that prepare you for a wide variety of careers. Students who do this often experience more career opportunities and higher earning potential than those with a single major.

Your resume will stand out to potential employers. They will know that as a double major, you gained wide-ranging knowledge, as well as critical time management and organizational skills. They will see an ambitious person who:

  • Appreciates a challenge
  • Loves to learn
  • Thinks creatively and critically
  • Commits to a project
  • Possesses an interdisciplinary perspective
  • Develops unique solutions to complex problems

With a double major, you become a specialist in two areas. Along with opening up opportunities for you in multiple fields, this creates a space for you to comfortably shift careers if you want to try something new. Or, if the job market is less favorable in one area, you have a second path you can pursue.

What to Consider When Pursuing a Double Major

Choosing to enroll in a double major is a significant decision, and you want to have all the information you need to make the choice that best suits your personal, academic, and professional development. Consider what your educational and career goals are and how a double major will help you reach those goals.

Choices and requirements for completion vary from institution to institution. Talk to academic advisors. They can help you choose your areas of study, clarify requirements, and set up plans to guide you through your degree.

Some information to consider:

  • What are the requirements for enrolling in a double major? For example, do you need AP courses or a certain GPA?
  • Which areas of study can you pair for a double major and how many credits are required?
  • How long does it usually take students to complete a double major?
  • When should you apply for a double major?

You need ample time to complete the requirements, so you’ll need to act early, sometimes as early as your initial college application. A double major requires a substantial commitment of time and work. To succeed, you must manage your time efficiently in order to keep up with coursework and complete all assignments.

Build a Dynamic Academic Experience

At Elmhurst University, all students tailor their education to meet their individual goals. A double major is one of the many ways Elmhurst helps you create the unique path that is right for you.

With more than 70 majors to choose from, you have numerous opportunities to combine subjects that interest you. Students have created double majors in such areas as:

  • Nursing and psychology
  • Physics and secondary education
  • Spanish and international business
  • Public Health and environmental studies

At Elmhurst, you are never alone in your journey. Our advisors are always available with the support and information you need. Advisors can talk with you about your interests and help you choose your majors, work with you on time management and organizational skills, introduce you to the many resources available to you, and keep you on track to fulfill all your requirements.

Chart a Unique Path

A double major expands your way of seeing the world and opens up inspiring career opportunities. If you are someone who doesn’t want to choose between your interests, a double major could be the right path for you.

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Illustration by Lucie Rice
Posted May 23, 2023

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