Music Industry Interview Request Form & Essay Requirements

At Least 2 Weeks Prior to Your Audition

Submit the interview request form below along with your essay.

Essay Guidelines:

(Please include the following)

  • The student’s current understanding of the music industry and some of the career paths available in it.
  • Any relevant background/skills the student has in business and/or music.
  • What the student hopes to achieve in the Music Industry program at EU.
  • The career aspirations of the student.
  • The student will also provide a listing of accomplishments that would be relevant to seeking a degree in Music Industry.

The Purpose of this Essay and Interview Process is Twofold:

  • For the applicant to have a clear understanding of the program and its many aspects.
  • For the faculty to assess the applicant’s experience and skills in order to better provide counsel for the student.

This interview provides an opportunity for both the student and the faculty to ask questions and gain greater clarification.

Interview Request Form

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