Road Trip Recap

Thank you for joining us on our Road Trip!

We were delighted to see you and to have the opportunity to share both recent successes as well as the vision for the road leading to the College 150-year celebration in 2021.

We look forward to growing our relationship in ways that will make a significant impact on our students and our College, today and for years to come.

Click on your event city below to see photos:

St. Louis

Nov. 7

  • Orlando (Jan. 28)
  • Naples (Jan. 29)
  • Los Angeles (Feb. 11)
  • San Francisco (Feb. 12)
  • Denver (Feb. 13)
  • Mesa (March 3)
  • Tampa Bay (March 28)
  • Raleigh (April 1)
  • Atlanta (April 2)
  • Washington, D.C. (April 3)
  • Indianapolis (April 28)
  • Minneapolis (May 9)
  • Chicago (June 2019)
  • Milwaukee (June 20)

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