Mary Walsh

Mary B. Walsh, Ph.D.

Director, Service Learning; Chair and Professor, Political Science
Department of Political Science

Ph.D., Loyola University Chicago

Dr. Walsh is Professor of Political Science and Director of Service Learning at Elmhurst University. As director of service learning, she hopes to contribute to developing the many transformative experiences available. She teaches courses on ancient, modern and contemporary political philosophy; American political thought; feminist philosophy; and political justice. Her current research focuses on liberal political philosophy, feminist philosophy, political efficacy and political civility.

Dr. Walsh’s research has been published as articles in numerous academic journals, chapters in scholarly books and entries in literary journals, including, among others, Hypatia; The Review of Politics; Polity; The Journal of Women, Politics and Policy; Politics and the Life Sciences; Atrium: A Journal of Academic Voices; and So to Speak: Feminist Journal of Language and Art.

  • POL 314 Classical Political Thought
  • POL 315  Modern and Contemporary Political Theory
  • POL 319 American Political Thought
  • POL 351-353 Mock Trial I, J & II
  • POL 354 Mock Trial Spring Only
  • POL 401 Feminist Political Theory
  • POL 402 Political Justice
  • POL 445 Senior Seminar
  • BID 308 European Union and Cities: Regional Integration and Urbanization in the European Union
  • BID 322 Philosophy of Human Abilities
  • BID 335 Psychology and Political Philosophy of Gender
  • BID 357 Feminist Poetry
  • FYS

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