James Callahan

James Callahan, Ph.D.

Adjunct Faculty, Religious Studies
Department of Religious Studies

Dr. James Callahan has served as an adjunct professor of religious studies at Elmhurst College since 2000. His academic background is in the history of Christianity with a focus on how the Bible has been read and influenced contemporary religious history broadly. Dr. Callahan’s published works include articles on Christology, theological hermeneutics and religious primitivism; and his current research explores the role of martyrdom in religious history. James’ work beyond academics is in nonprofit communications and fundraising, and he serves as a consultant to select nonprofits.

  • REL 280 Ministry: Callings and Practice
  • REL 281 Serving Society: Faith Perspectives
  • REL 350 Religion in America
  • REL 321 Modern and Contemporary Theology
  • REL 351 Religious Studies in Public Schools K-12

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