3 Growing Career Trends for Computer IT Graduates


Get familiar with the three growing career trends for computer information technology graduates.

“IT is the future! Learn about computers, and you’ll never have to worry about finding a job or getting a good paycheck.”

You’ve probably heard a statement like the above many times before, but has anyone elaborated on the many available career opportunities in information technology? What about the future of the field? After all, if you’re considering getting a master’s degree in computer IT, you may be focused on how your education will help you enter a rapidly evolving industry.

So what’s next for IT? Here are a few trends we’ve noticed that can help you decide what sort of career you’d like to pursue with your degree:

1. AI is Becoming the Foundation of Business Decisions

“Big data” is the business buzzword of the moment, but artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly catching up. As AI technology grows increasingly sophisticated, more companies will rely on it along with big data to make crucial decisions. According to research from Gartner, 59 percent of businesses are already gathering information to build their AI use strategies.

These companies may build their own AI software, purchase one from a tech business, or outsource to a contractor. Regardless of which method they choose, someone will need to actually create the technology. That’s where you, with your master’s degree in computer IT, come into play.

2. Companies are Creating Chief Security Officer Positions

The increasing number of headline-making security hacks have made cybersecurity a significant concern among individuals and governments. What was previously thought of as a concern that only affected consumers (the Target credit card data breach, for example) is quickly turning into a major threat.

What’s more, emerging technologies will need to prioritize data safety in order to comply with existing standards. For example, financial technology (fintech) will expand, which means businesses will need data processes that comply with the Payment Card Industry standards. Also, with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation measures, organizations that operate internationally simply cannot afford to be lax when it comes to security.

As such, businesses will likely pay close attention to their security measures to the point of creating an executive position just for that task. In all likelihood, they’ll prefer someone with a master’s degree in the field. If you have executive aspirations and are interested in computer security, an IT master’s may be the program for you.

3. Edge Computing is Modifying Cloud Use

If you’ve used Google Drive or iCloud, you’re familiar with cloud computing. This type of infrastructure revolutionized the way businesses operated, removing the need for local servers that were costly to operate and maintain. During the next few years, edge computing will further modify the way businesses store and retrieve data.

Edge computing streamlines the way data from Internet of Things (IoT) devices is processed. Instead of traveling to a data center miles away, the processing happens closer to where the information was generated. This allows for more accurate, real-time analysis.

What sort of infrastructure routes will this require? How will IoT devices like smart thermostats or manufacturing equipment collect data and process it? These are questions a computer IT graduate can answer.

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