Study Abroad

Open Yourself to New Worlds

Studying away from campus, whether in the United States or abroad, provides experiences and adventures of a lifetime.

You’ll learn more about yourself as you meet people from different walks of life and immerse yourself in a new culture.

10 Reasons to Study Abroad


It’s Affordable

Outside awards, financial aid, and scholarships awarded through the University apply to your chosen program!


Major Credit is Offered

Before departure, you’ll work with your academic advisor and program chair to find classes that will substitute credits needed here on campus. This will ensure that credits taken while away will transfer back to Elmhurst.


Satisfy General Education Requirements

All study away courses help you complete the Elmhurst Integrated Curriculum. For example, they can meet the experiential learning requirement, the intercultural/global engagement requirement, or count towards the Intercultural Studies major/minor and fulfill the ICS 380 course requirement. Additional requirements might also be satisfied, depending on the program.


Master (or Learn) a New Language

Studying away offers the benefit of mastering (or learning) a new language in your host country. This could occur through formal courses or inherently through immersion.


Internships Are Available

Studying away won’t put your internship goals on hold. Students experience one-of-a-kind internship opportunities while away!


Travel as Early as Your First Year

First-year students are eligible to participate in January Term programs in the corresponding academic year.


Flexible Program Lengths

Choose from programs that vary from one week to a full academic year.


Enhance Your Resumé

Many employers are looking for people who have practical experience living in a different place and culture. Studying abroad fosters 21st-century skills such as independence, resourcefulness, the ability to deal with ambiguity and take risks.


Broaden Your Worldview

Experiencing other places and cultures first-hand leads to increased awareness and understanding of others, contributing to an enhanced global mindset.

And finally … 10. Gain Independence!

The endless possibilities while away mark newfound confidence, independence, and feelings of fulfillment that positively impact one’s life.

Thomas Sullivan studied in Australia as part of his Elmhurst University journey.

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An internship at a Berlin concert promoter combined with a course in German culture is the perfect undergraduate career coda for Mikkal Holt ’18.

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In a study away program in Australia, biology major Georgia Ficarra ’19 examined why the shy marsupials are in trouble.

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