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Study Abroad

Open Yourself to New Worlds

Studying away from campus, whether in the United States or abroad, provides experiences and adventures of a lifetime.

You’ll learn more about yourself as you meet people from different walks of life and immerse yourself in a new culture.

Any major field can be enriched by an experience away from campus. Literature comes alive at a performance at Stratford-Upon-Avon or by reading the memoirs of Eastern European Jews. American history takes on a whole new look in Europe, Asia or Africa. Business and economics can be understood through the prism of international trade.

  • An international experience doesn’t have to directly apply to your major. It offers the opportunity to learn about fascinating subjects you might not otherwise encounter such as the religions of India, health care in Africa or the archaeology of Rome.
  • Studying abroad opens the opportunity to master a new language, a skill that proves to be an asset in almost any profession. And a study away experience looks great on your résumé because employers will see that you are open to new experiences and have the maturity, confidence and independence to work and engage well with others.

Travel Almost Anywhere

Elmhurst hosts international education programs in more than 60 different countries on six continents.

While many students take traditional courses, students also can take advantage of international service-learning and internship opportunities. These programs blend the practical with the theoretical in many countries—just as they do at Elmhurst. Students also can study abroad with Elmhurst University faculty members during January Term, spring break or during the summer and concentrate on a single subject.

The Office of International Education administers all study away programs, overseas and domestic.

Study Away Plans by Major

Explore Study Abroad Experiences

Thomas Sullivan studied in Australia as part of his Elmhurst College journey.

Around the World in 4 Years

Traveling the globe helped Thomas Sullivan ’19 map his future.

Promoting Classical Concerts in Berlin

An internship at a Berlin concert promoter combined with a course in German culture is the perfect undergraduate career coda for Mikkal Holt ’18.

In Search of Elusive Koalas

In a study away program in Australia, biology major Georgia Ficarra ’19 examined why the shy marsupials are in trouble.

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