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5 Ways a Graduate Degree Can Boost Your Career [Infographic]


Here they are: The five ways a graduate degree can boost your career.

Is a Graduate Degree Worth It?

Countless potential students have asked that question, and many found the answer is a resounding yes. Graduate school offers many benefits—here are five of the most noteworthy:

1. Improved Employment Opportunities

Recruiters are looking for people with master’s degrees to fill positions that used to require a four-year degree.1 Getting a master’s makes it easier to find great job opportunities.

2. Specialized Knowledge for a Promotion

A master’s education can help you achieve your leadership dreams. You can easily integrate your degree into your resume by highlighting keywords that show both your level of education and the benefits it has brought you.2

3. Ability to Change Careers

If internal promotions are hard to come by, a master’s degree can help you get a higher salary at a different company. One study found external hires make 18 to 20 percent more than employees who are internally promoted to the same position.3

4. Greater Compensation

People with a master’s degree earn approximately $12,000 more per year than their bachelor’s-holding counterparts.4

5. A Larger Professional Network

The connections you make with other students, teachers and program directors can become a lifelong professional and personal support system. They can even help you find a new career—approximately 85 percent of all open positions are filled through networking.5

5 Ways a Graduate Degree Can Boost Your Career Infographic

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