December 3, 2021, Task Force Update

December 3, 2021 | by the Elmhurst University COVID-19 Task Force

Dear Elmhurst University Community:

Happy Holidays! The COVID-19 Task Force is grateful for the commitment everyone has shown in reducing the spread of COVID-19 on our campus.

Once again, we united as Bluejays to get vaccinated to protect our community members as well as ourselves. As well as we have done in protecting others and ourselves, we have had 11 positive cases since the Thanksgiving Break. We must remain diligent in our efforts to combat the spread of the Delta variant as the Omicron variant is starting to develop in the United States.

Your health and safety remain our number one priority.

Cases To Date (Since August 2021)

  • 86: Total Cumulative Cases (increase of 11 cumulative cases since last week)
  • 69: Total Student Cases (increase of 10 student cases since last week)
  • 17: Total Faculty/Staff Cases (increase of 1 faculty case since last week)

More Updates

  • As an added precaution, only PCR tests will be provided on campus for the next two weeks. Additionally, if you are tested on a weekly basis and choose to get tested off campus the next two weeks, you must submit PCR test results.
  • If you do not currently get tested on a weekly basis, but would like to get a PCR test, please follow this link to complete the registration form.
  • Please note: As you were notified last week, the COVID-19 Task Force will accept rapid tests from authorized testing facilities only. At-home tests will no longer be accepted.
  • Face masks will continue to be required in all University-owned and –operated facilities when we return in January.

We know the last twenty-two months have taken a toll on all of us. Many are struggling with mental health issues (depression, anxiety, loneliness, etc.). If you are a student facing these struggles, please make use of the Counseling Center on campus at (630) 617-3565, or contact Rev. Scott Matheney, the University Chaplain at (630) 617-3025, if you would like to speak to someone. For employees, the Employee Assistance Program may be of great assistance. Please contact Human Resources for further information.

Again, the COVID-19 Task Force would like to thank faculty, staff, and students for everything you did to make the fall term as normal as possible. We truly are a dedicated community that has the best interest of others in our hearts.

Please be safe and healthy, and we look forward to seeing everyone at the Founders Day activities on Monday.

We are all proud to be Bluejays!
COVID-19 Task Force

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