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The Elmhurst College Honors Program consists of several academic options. To earn the distinction of Honors Program Member, students complete a minimum of 4.75 units of Honors credit (16 semester hours) with a grade of B or better within the Elmhurst College Honors Program. At least one of the four Honors courses must be at the 300/400 level. To earn the Honors Program Scholar distinction, students must complete 6.50 units of Honors credit (26 semester hours), with a grade of B or better, including a research component via Honors Independent Research and/or an Honors 400-level Interdisciplinary Seminar. The highest distinction is Honors Program Global Scholar. To earn this, students must meet all Honors Program Scholar requirements and complete a credit-bearing Study Abroad experience. Transfer honors credit may be applied to all distinctions, although at least 3.00 units (12 semester hours) must be completed at Elmhurst College.

Academic options are listed below. For more details, see Course Offerings.

Honors Integrated Curriculum Courses
These seminar-style courses generally are taken one per term for the first two years of college study. All courses fulfill an Elmhurst requirement. For a listing of courses, see search for classes in BlueNet and select HON under Subjects.

January Term Honors Courses
Honors Program students are encouraged to complete at least one January Term Honors elective. January Term courses typically offer opportunities for field experiences, interactive research and guest lectures. Some courses are taught abroad.

Honors Independent Research
This course affords students, working closely with a faculty member, to design an original research project appropriate to their major field of study. Grant support is available. Recent examples include scientific research on the treatment of breast cancer; marketing research on brand loyalty; philosophical research on just war theory; and psychological research on multi-tasking. These projects must be submitted for presentation at an external scholarly venue such as a professional conference, workshop and/or an academic journal.

Honors Interdisciplinary Seminars
This team-taught interdisciplinary course challenges students to conduct serious inquiry of complex issues meriting contemporary concern. Students read and discuss course texts and then design individual research projects related to the course theme and appropriate to their major area of academic study. These projects must be submitted to an external scholarly venue such as a professional conference, workshop and/or academic journal.

Honors Intercultural Seminar
This seminar is offered in conjunction with the intercultural lectures that are held on campus each Fall and Spring terms. The focus of the course is on ethical theories and their application to contemporary problems and issues. The readings for the course are unique to each speaker and provide an orientation to both the intellectual and the concrete context of the speaker’s remarks.

The class meets as a seminar for text-based discussions prior to each speaker’s visit. Students then have the opportunity to meet with each speaker after the lecture. There is a follow-up class the week following the speaker.

Honors Service Seminar
Students conduct a scholarly investigation of service through reading and discussing varied theories and applications of service design and through participating in a term-long service experience for a minimum of 25 hours per term. Service-Learning locations appropriate to each student’s major and/or significant areas of interest are selected. Students maintain a detailed reflective journal on the service experience for the 13 weeks of site placement. At the conclusion of the course, students compose a summative essay relating the site experience to the readings and course goals.

Honors Directed Readings
This course affords Honors Program students the opportunity to participate in scholarly discussions of selected texts in small group settings with a faculty member and fellow Honors Program students. The course is conducted as three separate four-week sessions over the term, each led by a different faculty member, representing a variety of disciplines. Faculty text choices are pre-announced allowing students to select their texts and discussion leaders. At the conclusion of each session, students write a critical response essay.

Honors Study-Abroad Courses
Any study-abroad course can be converted to an Honors course. Contact Dr. Mulvaney for details.

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