Research, Grants and Fellowship Opportunities

Substantive, scholarly research is an integral part of the Elmhurst University Honors Program.

Research Opportunities

As an Honors student, you can work with your faculty mentor to design and complete an independent research project on a topic of your choice.

Recent Research Examples

  • Scientific research on the treatment of breast cancer
  • Marketing research on brand loyalty
  • Philosophical research on just war theory
  • Psychological research on multitasking

Ultimately, you can present or publish your work in a public, scholarly venue such as the Elmhurst University Research and Performance Showcase, the Honors Council of the Illinois Region, the National Collegiate Honors Council Conference, or the National Conference of Undergraduate Research.

Kevin Prehn ’19 captured the Honors Program’s trip to the 2019 National Conference on Undergraduate Research, hosted by Kennesaw State University in Georgia.

Mike White ’18 captured the Honors Program’s trip to the 2018 National Conference on Undergraduate Research at the University of Central Oklahoma.

If travel, equipment or other expenses are connected with your work, we’ll help you apply for funding. The Swords Scholar Grant below, for instance, is available exclusively to Honors Program students working on independent research projects.

Swords Scholar Grants

The Swords Scholar program provides grants to Honors Program students in support of Honors Independent Research projects.

Swords Scholar grants are funded by an anonymous donor in honor of Robert and Barbara Swords, esteemed professors who founded the Honors Program in 1965.

To apply for a grant, submit a Swords Scholar Grant proposal. Students also need to secure a faculty sponsor, complete an Honors Independent Research Project Form, and obtain approval from the Honors Program director.

Students also can compete for other research funding through the Honors Program Summer Fellows and First-Year Student Summer Fellows research programs.

Summer Fellows Program

The Summer Fellows Program was established to increase undergraduate research, enabling students to work over an extended period free of other obligations.

The program is restricted to students with junior or senior standing (for research taking place after their sophomore or junior years) undertaken with the supervision of a faculty mentor. Applicants must provide a detailed description of his/her individual project.

Whom to Contact

For more information and applicant requirements for the Summer Fellows programs, or for assistance with nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships such as the Fulbright, Truman or Rhodes, contact Professor Mary Kay Mulvaney.

If you’re looking for scholarships or grants to fund the bulk of your education, check scholarship sources on the University’s financial aid pages.

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