Learning Objectives and Outcomes


  • Understanding of the nature and uses of language in light of audience and purpose
  • Development of evidence-based arguments
  • Creative and critical response to literature in light of cultural values and literary history
  • Critical reflection on the relationship between theory, research, and practice


English majors will be able to:

  • Identify literary techniques and creative uses of language in literary texts
  • Adapt their texts to particular audiences and purposes
  • Articulate a thesis and present evidence to support it
  • Find, evaluate, and use appropriate bibliographic materials in their texts
  • Explain the relevance of themes found in literary texts to contemporary, personal, and cultural values
  • Identify genres, conventions, and period-specific discourses and their relevance to broader historical forces
  • Describe their own writing practices and how they have evolved
  • Apply relevant theoretical concepts to literary or other texts and practices

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