Should I Go Back to College?


It’s never as easy as a simple yes or no. Going back to college takes genuine commitment and a good deal of effort — but the end result can certainly be worth it.

First, realize you are not alone in this decision. There are plenty of others in a similar position, looking to balance work and home while advancing their education.

Adult learners, also called ‘non-traditional’ learners, are on the rise at colleges and universities across the nation. The National Center for Education Statistics projects enrollments for students age 25 and over to grow 14 percent through 2024, compared with 13 percent growth among those under age 25.

Completing your degree definitely can pay off. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, those who hold a bachelor’s degree earn 52% percent more than those with some college but no degree.

So if you’re pondering the question “Should I go back to college?” start by knowing yourself and what you want to accomplish. We’ll be here when you’re ready to make it happen.

How to Go Back to School

Don’t let the idea of returning to school be an intimidating one. Let us help you through the process. Here’s a couple of quick steps to get started:


Focus on your goals.

Going back to school should have a purpose for you. Keep that end goal in mind as you navigate the process.


Do your research.

Investigate degree completion programs that cater to adults going back to school, as well as the course flexibility and available financial aid.


Make an appointment with an admission counselor.

Speaking with an Elmhurst College professional can help you to navigate your way through the admission and application process, taking into account your specific situation.


Lean on your experience.

Your life experience will help you here. Bring it to the classroom to enrich discussions. We’ll take a full look at your academic experience to see how it might apply toward completing a degree at Elmhurst.

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Updated April 6, 2018

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