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Transfer and Adult Students Transferring Credit

New Spring 2020 Transfer Credit Policy

Due to the extraordinary impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and in support of students seeking to transfer to Elmhurst University, the University is making the following exception to the existing transfer credit policy:

Students transferring to Elmhurst University will have their Spring 2020 transcripted “Pass” (non-letter) grades accepted at Elmhurst University for all courses, including courses for the Integrated Curriculum, majors and minors. Students applying to programs with external accreditation or professional licensure are subject to the standards associated with those programs.

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A Transfer-Friendly Process

Elmhurst University takes a generous approach to course credits.

We evaluate transcripts on a case-by-case basis, but in general, we award transfer credit for courses that are:

  • Earned at a regionally accredited college or university
  • Either comparable to courses offered at Elmhurst or commonly regarded as study in the liberal arts, and
  • Completed with a passing letter grade

To get an estimate of how many of your credits will transfer to Elmhurst, send us your transcripts for a transfer credit evaluation.

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Illinois Community College Applicants

Check the list below to see which courses at select Illinois community colleges fulfill the Elmhurst University Integrated Curriculum (general education) requirements. For more information about general education requirements at Elmhurst, check the Additional Skill and Proficiency Requirements (PDF).

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