Make Your Tuition & Housing Deposit

Join the Elmhurst University Office of Admission as we kick off our new YouTube series, “How to EU!”

These videos will focus on highlighting the admission processes by providing step-by-step instructions and behind-the-scenes looks at our enrollment procedure.

These deposits allow the university to recognize an incoming student’s commitment to attending EU as well as kickstart the rest of the enrollment steps.

Join Senior Graduate Admission Counselor Carrie Ostergard as she gives you all the tips and tricks you’ll need to know.

Questions? Contact the Office of Admission at (630) 617-3400 or

  • First things first, as an admitted student, you’re going to want to log into the myElmhurst student portal
    • You can access this by visiting our website at and clicking myElmhurst
  • The next page you’re going to see is the homepage and you’re going to want to make sure that you click on the admitted Student Portal, not current and not employee
    • From there it’s going to ask you to log in with your e-number and established password
  • Go ahead and do so and then you’re going to land on the homepage
  • Here, there are quite a few different icons to look at but you’re going to want to click on TouchNet, and then deposits and payments in the lower right-hand corner
  • From there you’re going to log into the TouchNet center which is essentially our billing center
    • It does take a few additional seconds to load
  • Go ahead and direct your attention to deposits by clicking on the TouchNet deposits and payments button
  • From there all that’s left to do is to follow the prompts on the screen
    • All incoming freshman should click on 2024 fall
  • As for the deposit itself you’re going to want to click on undergraduate deposit
  • Now if you are also planning on submitting the housing deposit, that will be done separately
  • Afterwards, click on select, then get to the next page which is a summary page highlighting what the tuition deposit is
    • Read through this to ensure that you understand what the tuition deposit is and that the information selected is correct
  • Click on continue, and with the next page you are going to see just the payment selection page
  • We have a few different options available in terms of paying the tuition deposit, from a credit or debit card, checking or savings account, electronic check, etc.
  • Pick the option that works best for you and your family and then follow whatever prompts dialogue pops up to enter your account or payment information
  • From there as soon as you hit submit, you’ll get another summary page and confirmation page just giving you the rundown of everything
  • Go ahead and confirm that everything is entered correctly and acknowledge the agreement statement that we have on the page and submit your payment
  • Once you have done that you will then be brought to the receipt page, and you will have access to the receipt whether you want to reprint it or email it to yourself for record keeping purposes
  • If you want to submit the housing deposit, that can be done as a second step by just going back to the initial deposits page and going through all the same steps but instead of clicking on undergraduate deposit, you’re going to click on housing deposit, fall, and then follow the same exact steps showed before
  • The only true difference between the two deposits are the amounts The tuition deposit is $100 and for all incoming freshmen whereas the housing deposit is $150 and only for students that want to live on campus

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