The Elmhurst University Brand

As we prepare to change our name from Elmhurst College to Elmhurst University on July 1, 2020, we’re sharing our new look. Explore our official logo, hashtag and colors.


The Logo

Elmhurst College to University Logos Animation

The Elmhurst University logo represents an evolution of the institutional mark while remaining true to its spirit — by maintaining the iconic shield. It features a refined version of the Baskerville font used in the traditional College logo. Colors have been updated to include a slightly brighter, livelier shade of blue. The logo conveys a deep respect for the institution’s heritage as well as excitement about what’s to come.


The University Seal

The update of the Elmhurst seal puts the institution’s new name on full display in the outer ring, which also features the University’s founding year, converted from Roman numerals. The school motto remains in Latin as the centerpiece of the seal: In Lumine Tuo Videbimus Lumen—“In Thy Light We Shall See Light.” The redesign also introduces a full-color version of the seal with bright “Jay Blue” accentuating the inner circle.


Official Hashtag


Our official hashtag will be #ElmhurstU, so be sure to use this anytime you’re sharing something University-related on social media.



Primary › University Blue, Pantone 288
Secondary › Jay Blue, Pantone 299


Logo Release

While we are sharing the University logo with departments for projects that need to be completed for the official name change on July 1, it’s important to note this logo should not be used for any materials that will be released before then.

Contact marketing@elmhurst.edu if you have any questions about the new logo or University-related design projects. A Brand Identity Standards guide will be released in the coming weeks, with detailed information on our logos, fonts, colors and more.

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