Office of Marketing and Communications

Telling the Elmhurst College Story

The Office of Marketing and Communications promotes the distinctiveness and academic strength of Elmhurst College.

We do this by telling the stories of the College through our students, faculty and staff; and by engaging our audiences through strategic online and traditional communications and academic and community partnerships.

Our major responsibilities include supporting student recruitment and advancing the College as a whole through the innovative use of digital and print marketing, public and media relations, and engagement with the larger community.

Marketing Communications

Our office manages the design, production and strategic placement of the College’s digital and print media. We develop and maintain original content for the Elmhurst College website, athletics website, social media channels and other online communication platforms. We also create print and digital marketing pieces and College publications, including brochures, posters, advertisements, newsletters and magazines.

As the Elmhurst College brand stewards, we are responsible for coordinating the look, feel and messaging of all print and digital communications from the College in order to present it in the most impactful way.

If you have any questions about the style guides or need an Elmhurst College logo, email Both guides were updated in January 2019.

External Relations

Serving as the public face of the College, we work with media professionals, governmental and civic leaders, and the community at large to enhance their understanding of the College’s mission and programs. On campus, we are a gateway and a resource for faculty, staff and students who have news to publicize or expertise to share.

We also coordinate and promote the campus’ cultural programming and athletic coverage, contributing to the vibrant life of the campus and providing a widely respected venue for civic engagement.

A Commitment to Accuracy

The Office of Marketing and Communications (OMC) reviews advertisement and recruiting materials on an ongoing basis, and exercises attention to detail when implementing edits.

The following items are reviewed and updated annually:

  • Primary marketing materials for the Office of Admission, including academic program fact sheets and the Fast Facts about Elmhurst College brochure
  • Academic department websites

The OMC partners with other administrative departments and academic departments to ensure accurate data regarding programs, tuition and fees, student outcomes, and policies. The Elmhurst College Catalog is used as the primary source for major and course information.

If you have any questions regarding marketing materials, please contact

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