On-Campus Employment for F-1 Students

F-1 students are eligible to work on on-campus while studying in the U.S.

A student can begin working up to 30 days before the start date on their I-20. Students may only work on campus while they maintain status. A valid I-20 document serves as proof of work eligibility for on-campus employment. As a student in F-1 status, you may work on-campus part-time (up to 20 hours per week) during the academic year, and full-time (more than 20 hours per week) during official school vacation and break periods.

Please note: On-campus employment is limited and not guaranteed. It is important to understand and follow the on-campus employment process and the F-1 student regulations concerning it. ISS does not manage or control the on-campus employment process; it only helps advise on F-1 student international regulations concerning it. If you have questions about a specific position, please consult the hiring manager/supervisor and/or the Office of Student Financial Services (OSFS).

Click each of the below sections to access and review pertinent information.

  1. On-campus employment is work that occurs on the physical campus of Elmhurst University. In general, on-campus employment is any job for which Elmhurst University pays you
  2. Work that provides a direct service to students (such as Chartwells and the Bluejay Spirit Shop)
  3. Graduate assistantships
  4. Please note: F-1 students are not eligible for Federal Work-Study (FWS) positions. Federal Work-Study is part of federal financial aid packages, which F-1 students are unable to obtain. F-1 students can apply for Elmhurst University-Funded Employment (EUFE) for on-campus employment only.

You are allowed to work:

  • Part-time (20 hours per week or less) during your regular full-time semesters (semester dates can be verified on Registration and Records Academic Calendars webpage and include finals week).
  • Full-time (more than 20 hours per week) during vacation and breaks

Your on-campus employment eligibility ends:

  • When you graduate/the last day of your final semester (typically the Friday of finals week)
  • If you transfer to another university, your work eligibility expires on the day of your SEVIS record release date.
  • If you violate your F-1 status and your SEVIS record is terminated.
  1. Log in to the myElmhurst Portal
  2. Click “Student Life” on the top bar in the Portal
  3. Scroll down to the “Student Employment” section and click “View Jobs”
  4. Check the job listings (posted after July 1)
  5. Find a position you are interested in, click “Download Application,” complete the application, and submit the application to the position supervisor (listed in the job listing)
    • If you cannot find or secure a position, you may reach out to the student employment coordinator in the Office of Student Financial Services (OSFS) for assistance.
  6. If you are hired for a position on-campus:
    • Complete the required hiring paperwork.
    • Contact your DSO/PDSO to notify them and start the Social Security Number process (an SSN is required to work).
    • Access Glacier to print a Tax Summary and the appropriate tax documentation to complete and submit to Student Financial Services (sfs@elmhurst.edu). You will receive access to Glacier after your supervisor notifies the necessary campus offices that you have been hired.
    • All documents must be completed and approved by the hiring team (including your SSN) before you can begin working at their on-campus position.

It is your responsibility to research and understand your on-campus work eligibility. It is possible you will be offered employment that you are not eligible to accept or for your employment eligibility to expire without your payroll coordinator notifying you. Be sure to review all information provided by ISS and contact your DSO/PDSO if you have any concerns or questions.

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