Once in the U.S. you’ll want to open a bank account.

While it is recommended you travel with some money on your person, it is not advisable to carry large amounts of cash if avoidable. It is advisable that you open a U.S. bank account as soon as you are able after your arrival. You may also be able to open a bank account before entering the United States. Check with a bank in your home country about the easiest way to transfer sums of money in U.S. dollars from home.  Paying for large expenses may take several days to clear U.S. banks.

Please note: A social security number is not required for an F-I or J-I student to open a bank account, but you will need proof of identification and immigration status in the U.S. (passport, I-94, and I-20). Additional items you should bring include:

  • Your Elmhurst University Jaypass (University ID card)
  • Any identification documents issued by your government
  • Enrollment Verification Letter
  • Money or a check to deposit

If you have any problems opening an account, contact the Office of Global Engagement (OGE) for more information. OGE also provides information about opening a bank account during on-campus orientation.

Banks near Elmhurst University:

  • Bank of America (205 North Addison Avenue)
  • Chase Bank (163 North York Street)
  • Citibank (136 North York Street, #A)
  • Community Bank of Elmhurst (133 North York Street)
  • Elmhurst Bank (115 West 3rd Street)
  • Fifth Third Bank (105 South York Street)
  • Lakeside Bank (165 South York Street)

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