Managing Your Time

Here you will find resources and strategies to help you better manage your time to balance school, work, life, and everything else.

Learning how to allocate time appropriately and sticking to it can be the key to a successful term.

In addition to using these tools and strategies to prepare for success, be sure to ask questions and reach out to your instructors, classmates, academic advisor, and Learning Center staff and tutors for support.

Video: Planning your Semester

Time Management Resources

Thumbnail image link to 5-Day Study Plan study resource.

5-Day Study Plan

Thumbnail link to the Plan Your 168-Hour Work Week document.

Planning Your 168-Hour Week

Thumbnail link to Weekly Planning Calendar document.

Weekly Calendar

A thumbnail image link to the Learning Center resource: Blank Semester Planning Template

Semester Plan Template (blank)

How to get the most out of this semester plan template:

  1. Add all your courses to the columns across the top of the document.
  2. Optional: Add the date range of each week.
  3. Take all of your syllabi and add all the due dates for big assignments, exams, and projects under each course and in the row of the week that it is due. Use the ‘Notes’ column to add any additional events or commitments you have that week.
  4. Make a habit of looking at this at least twice per week. At the beginning of the week to plan the week ahead (use the weekly calendar) and toward the end of the week to see what the following week looks like. Print it out or keep it on your desktop for easy access each week.

This Semester Plan should help you prepare and plan for the heavy weeks, weeks when you have many assignments, projects, etc., so you can work ahead. Stop by the Learning Center if you have any questions on how to use this document.

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