Setting Goals and Motivation

Here you will find resources and strategies to set goals and stay motivated.

Setting goals for the term, year, and week is essential to keeping you on track and your sights set on the bigger picture. Motivation is not a switch, and when you need a little boost, look here!

In addition to using these tools and strategies to prepare for success, be sure to ask questions and reach out to your instructors, classmates, academic advisor, and Learning Center staff and tutors for support.

Video: What Goals Should I Set?

Success is an Iceberg!

A graphic illustrates the "Iceberg Illusion" that "success is an iceberg": the success people see above water is a byproduct of hard work, sacrifice and failure that they don't see "below the water."

Resources to Keep You Motivated

Thumbnail image link to the Goal Setting and Weekly Objectives printable PDF chart.

Goal Setting and Weekly Objectives

Thumbnail image link to the "SMART Goals Worksheet" printable PDF.

SMART Goals Worksheet

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