Charlie Goehl

Charlie Goehl, Elmhurst University

Charlie Goehl, M.S.

Department of Kinesiology

Fax: 630-617-3623

M.S., University of Illinois at Chicago

The author of several published articles on teaching and coaching, Professor Goehl has given numerous presentations related to best practices in teaching and coaching at local, state, national, and international conferences. He has received funding from several agencies to support his research and teaching interests. Professor Goehl’s teaching focuses on sport skill development and health promotion, including lifetime sports, team sports, and lifestyles for health and wellness.

Goehl Featured on Alive & Well Podcast

Professor Goehl was recently interviewed on the Alive & Well podcast about how to maintain fitness and wellness throughout a lifetime. He sheds light on what wellness really is and gives guidelines for practicing a fit lifestyle. Here are a few of his main points.

  • The various facets of wellness, including spirituality, physicality, intellect, and interpersonal interaction
  • Ways to meaningfully set and avoid missing your fitness goals
  • How to keep yourself accountable for your wellness

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