Minors in Kinesiology

Minor in Health Education | Minor in Coaching | Minor in Sport Management

Minor in Health Education

Students seeking the health education endorsement (grades 9-12) on a Professional Educator License can do so by completing the Elmhurst University health education minor and passing the content-area test (#142).

Required Courses

  • KIN 200 Lifestyle for Health and Wellness (.50 credit)
  • KIN 204 Emergency Procedures (.50 credit)
  • KIN 230 School Health K-12 Teaching Methods (.75 credit)
  • KIN 235 Curriculum Design for Physical Education and Health Education
  • KIN 240 Community Health (.50 credit)
  • KIN 250 Substance Use and Abuse in Society (.50 credit)
  • KIN 306 Nutrition for Health, Sports and Fitness
  • KIN 346 Human Sexuality
  • KIN 360 Contemporary Concepts in Health

Minor in Coaching

A coaching minor will provide the fundamental knowledge that is essential for coaching any sport. Successful coaches are not only well versed in technical and tactical skills but also know how to teach life skills.

The minor will focus on helping coaches develop in the areas of philosophy, physical training, management, communication, motivation and the teaching of sports skills.

Required Courses

  • KIN 202 Individual and Dual Sports or KIN 203 Team Sports
  • KIN 285 Coaching Theory
  • KIN 306 Nutrition for Health, Sports and Fitness
  • KIN 323 Sport and Exercise Psychology
  • KIN 410 Kinesiology

Minor in Sport Management

The sport management minor will help prepare students for entry-level positions in sports organizations. The field of sport management not only addresses the needs of traditional team sports, but also provides career options in sports equipment manufacturing and sales, event planning and sponsorship, sports facility management, and sports tourism.

One of the features of the minor is the personal attention that is offered to students in helping them develop their career goals and interests.

Required Courses

  • KIN 210 Foundations of Sport Management (.50 credit)
  • KIN 322 Sport and Society
  • KIN 380 Comparative Interdisciplinary Studies: Play, Sport and Pedagogy in Ancient Greece
  • KIN 415 Sport Ethics and the Law
  • BUS 250 Management Theory
  • BUS 354 Human Resource Management (prerequisite: BUS 250)

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Chair, Department of Kinesiology

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