Major in Exercise Science

This major has been designed to address the basic standards for the professional preparation of exercise science students.

These standards provide the undergraduate student with entry-level skills and knowledge to function in a wide range of employment opportunities. The College’s exercise science program provides a foundation for employment in corporate or hospital settings, health and wellness intervention programs, health clubs and other health-related careers.

Many exercise science graduates pursue graduate study in exercise physiology, medicine, nutrition, occupational therapy, physical therapy and health promotion.

Exercise Science Major Requirements

  • KIN 200 Lifestyle for Health and Wellness (.50 credit)
  • KIN 204 Emergency Procedures (.50 credit)
  • KIN 250 Substance Use and Abuse in Society (.50 credit)
  • KIN 306 Nutrition
  • KIN 310 Functional Anatomy
  • KIN 320 Human Physiology
  • KIN 340 Exercise Physiology (prerequisite: KIN 320)
  • KIN 420 Biomechanics (prerequisite: KIN 310)
  • KIN 450 Clinical Internship
  • KIN 462 Exercise Testing and Prescription (prerequisite: KIN 340)
  • KIN 490 Research Methods in Exercise Science (prerequisite: MTH 345 or PSY 355 and KIN 340)
  • MTH 345 Elementary Statistics or PSY 355 Statistics for Scientific Research

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