Major in Exercise Science

At its core, exercise science majors learn to recognize and examine the synchronistic relationship between the body, exercise and athletic performance.

By combining coursework in anatomy, biomechanics, nutrition, and exercise physiology, graduates are prepared for a variety of health, wellness, fitness, and strength and conditioning positions.

Along with entry-level skills for a wide range of career opportunities, many exercise science graduates pursue graduate degrees in exercise physiology, medicine, chiropractic medicine, nutrition or dietetics, occupational therapy, physical therapy and physician assistant studies.

Major Requirements

  • KIN 200 Lifestyle for Health and Wellness (.50 credit)
  • KIN 204 Emergency Procedures (.50 credit)
  • KIN 250 Substance Use and Abuse in Society (.50 credit)
  • KIN 306 Nutrition
  • KIN 310 Functional Anatomy
  • KIN 320 Human Physiology
  • KIN 340 Exercise Physiology (prerequisite: KIN 320)
  • KIN 420 Biomechanics (prerequisite: KIN 310)
  • KIN 450 Clinical Internship
  • KIN 462 Exercise Testing and Prescription (prerequisite: KIN 340)
  • KIN 490 Research Methods in Exercise Science (prerequisite: MTH 345 or PSY 355 and KIN 340)
  • MTH 345 Elementary Statistics or PSY 355 Statistics for Scientific Research

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