Department of Physics

Humans have long wondered at the workings of the universe—the fantastic interactions among time, energy, matter and space.

Studying everything from subatomic particles to the cosmos, physicists work to understand those interactions in a scientific manner, analyzing countless physical phenomena to build unified theories of how everything works. In addition to being master theoreticians, today’s physicists are practical-minded professionals whose work contributes to the cutting edge of technological advance and scientific discovery.

Elmhurst has all the resources you’d expect to find only at a large university. Up-to-date facilities include an astronomic observatory, and extensive computing facilities designed especially for students of the sciences.

Elmhurst University physics majors graduate as skilled thinkers with the technical tools they need to analyze complex phenomena, to solve problems independently and to think creatively about new ideas.

Whether you want a career in physics, astronomy, atmospheric science, engineering or even dentistry, medicine or law, a physics major from Elmhurst—tailored to your specific goals—propels you in the right direction.

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