Teri Walker

Teri J. Walker, Ph.D.

Professor, Political Science
Department of Political Science

Ph.D., Northern Illinois University

Dr. Walker is Professor of Political Science. She teaches courses in American government and politics, law, and public policy with an emphasis on environmental policy. Her books include The Introduction to Politics Anthology: Knowledge, Power, Action, published in 2022 (one of Cognella’s Anthology Series for Teaching), and Today’s Environmental Issues: Democrats and Republicans, published in 2018 (one of ABC-CLIO’s Across the Aisle series). She has published articles in The Journal of Women, Politics, and PolicyPolitics and Policy; the Journal of Political Science Education; and the Justice Policy Journal; and served as co-editor of the Illinois Political Science Review (2006-2011).

  • POL 150 Introduction to Politics
  • POL 201 American Federal Government
  • POL 202 American State and Local Government
  • POL 240 Law and Politics
  • POL 305 The American Presidency
  • POL 320 Congress
  • POL 330 Federal Politics and Media Ethics
  • POL 355 Native Americans: Public Policy, Religion and Justice
  • POL 365 Environmental Politics and Policy
  • POL 411 Constitutional Law I: Civil Liberties
  • POL 412 Constitutional Law II: Civil Rights
  • POL 445 Senior Seminar
  • POL 452 Special Topics in Political Science
  • POL 468 Internships
  • POL 492 Independent Study
  • POL 495 Honor Independent Research

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