Major in Finance

In preparing for a career in fund management or the management of complex portfolios, the major in finance gives graduates a sound footing in strategic decision making and risk management—ensuring paths to a successful career or graduate school stay well within our graduate’s grasp.

With a wealth of opportunities, including careers in banking, stock brokerage and international finance, core courses include additional work in business, corporate finance, investments and financial institutions. Electives options include courses in international economics, money and banking and public finance.

Major Requirements

A student specializing in finance must complete the business core (maintaining a C or better overall average in the core curriculum), BUS 340 Business Finance, and five additional courses in the following manner.

Required Courses

  • BUS 441 Corporate Finance
  • BUS 442 Investment Theory and Portfolio Management
  • BUS 444 Financial Institutions

Electives: Two Courses Required

  • BUS 310 Business Analysis Using Microsoft Excel
  • BUS 361 Intermediate Accounting I
  • BUS 362 Intermediate Accounting II
  • BUS 376 International Finance
  • BUS 440 Personal Investment Management
  • BUS 468 Internship (in Finance)
  • BUS 470 Seminar in Special Topics
  • BUS 492 Independent Study
  • ECO 314 International Economics
  • ECO 410 Money and Banking

Recommended Electives

Students majoring in finance should consider the following electives:

  • COM 213 Public Speaking
  • COM 319 Business and Professional Communication

Students planning to pursue a career as a financial analyst (or in the area of corporate finance) should consider taking the following electives:

  • BUS 361 Intermediate Accounting I
  • BUS 362 Intermediate Accounting II

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