Inamul Haq

Inamul Haq


Coordinator, Islamic Studies Program; Adjunct Professor
Department of Religious Studies

Professor Haq specializes in Islamic theology, Qur’anic studies, history of Islam, and Muslims in America. He has an international educational background and interreligious professional experience. He has received professional and graduate degrees from Islamic seminaries in Pakistan and from major universities in the U.S. He has been a principal at Islamic high schools and taught in graduate and undergraduate programs.

At Elmhurst College he gives leadership to the development of its Islamic studies curriculum and teaches introductory courses on Islam and international courses on religion in Turkey, Israel, Palestine and Jordan. He is a founding member of the International Strategy and Policy Institute, a frequent public speaker and an honorary Imam at area mosques. He is a board member of a number of organizations, including the Fiqh Committee of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Chicago, and the Interfaith Committee of the Bernardin Center.

  • REL 242 Issues in Islam: Gender, Politics and Human Rights
  • REL 244 Understanding the Qur’an
  • REL 343 Islamic Mysticism and the Poetry of Rumi

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