Learning Outcomes

Students at Elmhurst University complete an academic program that encompasses both broad experience across a range of disciplines and the mastery of a particular body of knowledge and method.

Our program strives to educate students who:

  • Carry through life the desire to learn, and the ability to solve problems and think clearly and independently, with tolerance and openness tempered by healthy skepticism and intellectual vigor;
  • Are conversant with historical trends in the humanities, sciences and social sciences;
  • Take delight in the richness of language through the mastery of reading, writing, listening and speaking;
  • Know the joy of creativity in all intellectual activities and appreciate the unique creative opportunities afforded by the literary, visual and performing arts;
  • Understand the natural world and issues related to humankind’s place in it, and have experience with the methods of science and technology;
  • Understand the importance of spiritual values as a basis for living a meaningful and purposeful life and are cognizant of religious traditions and their roles in modern society;
  • Honor their responsibilities as members of a free and democratic society and are committed to social justice, personal integrity and service to others;
  • Are sensitive to the disparities of human circumstance and show respect and compassion for all individuals;
  • Understand and affirm their membership in a diverse, yet interdependent, multicultural, global society;
  • Endow the work they do with competent and creative effort, provide service to the community and treat all persons with consideration; and
  • Are able to live good lives of healthful vitality, moral and spiritual sensitivity and intellectual integrity.

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